Climbing Classes

At Climb Tulsa we are all about developing new skills as well as practicing the skills we have already learned.  That's where our classes and coaching come in.  We want to teach you everything you need to know to have fun and develop as a climber. We have classes for the absolute beginner all the way up though the experienced climber that still wants to step it up another notch.  


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Beginner Top Rope Course

New to climbing and want to get on our awesome top rope walls?  This is the class for you!  This course will teach you the basics.  You will learn how to properly fit a climbing harness, how to tie into the climbing rope with the correct knot, and how to correctly belay a partner that is climbing the wall. 

We teach this course numerous times throughout the day.  We start these classes at the top of the hour beginning an hour after we open up until three hours before close.  We start at the hour sharp without exception, so you will want to arrive early for your class and have your waiver filled out here on our website ahead of time.  Wear comfy clothing and we will take care of the rest!

  • Class sizes are limited so schedule ahead of time. 

  • This class has a minimum age of 13 years old.   

  • Cost of instruction alone: $20 (free to Climb Tulsa Members!)

  • Package of a day pass, full gear rental, and Top Rope Course: $35


Movement Clinics

Movement clinics are a series of classes designed to first explain various climbing techniques, skill sets, and footwork, then translate these skills to wall features found both indoors and outdoors. Each clinic is a 2 hour session. Although they build on each other in sequence, they do not have to be taken in order. Open to all levels of climbing ability.

The Clinics:

  1. Footwork, body position and technique

  2. Dihedrals and stemming

  3. Slab, slopers, and volumes

  4. Dynamic and static movement


  • 1 session:

    • $48 for Climb Tulsa members

    • $64 for non-members

  • 4 sessions is $190

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Lead Course

Our Lead Course is for those that have been top rope climbing and are ready to take things to the next level.  Learning to lead climb gives you access to lead only walls as well as better prepares you for outdoor climbing.  Our Lead Course is taught over two classes from 8p-10p on weekdays or one class from 6p-10p on weekends.  We have an option of Tuesday & Thursday, Wednesday & Friday or Saturday.  In this course you will learn about the risks involved in lead climbing, risk management, lead climbing equipment, clipping techniques, lead belaying, and falling skills.  

READ THIS BEFORE REGISTERING! Course Prerequisites:  Lead climbing is not a beginner skill set.  We require a base of experience to take our lead course.  You need to have been top rope climbing and belaying regularly for several months.  You need to be top rope certified in our gym prior to registering for the course.  You need to be able to climb 5.8-5.9 routes in our facility numerous times in a row with ease. If during your course your instructor determines that you do not meet these prerequisites, you may be expelled from the course.    

Cost: $55 for Climb Tulsa Members

$70 for Non-Members

(class size must be 2-3 people) 

Climb Tulsa Outdoor

Transition to Outdoor Course

This indoor course is designed to assist climbers in taking their first steps out of the gym into the outdoor climbing world.  Topics in this course include, anchor building, knots, different types of fixed anchors, cleaning anchors, cleaning a route, route finding, and leave no trace ethics. 

This is one 4 hour class. 

Cost: $55 for Climb Tulsa Members 

$70 for Non-Members

(class size must be 2-4 people)