What to Expect:

There are 2 options for climbing: bouldering and rope climbing.  These are described and defined below.  After you have decided which you prefer to take on you will need to fill out our waiver.  This can be done by clicking the red link above or you can fill it out in our lobby.  If you decide to rope climb you will need to take our Top Rope Training Course.  This 45-60 minute course teaches you how to tie in and belay properly and cost $20.  These courses start at the top of the hour with the first available course beginning an hour after we open and the last beginning 3 hours before close.  


Please plan to be 15 minutes early as this course starts on the hour without exception.   

Class sizes are limited so call ahead to schedule (6 people max per class). 


Climb Tulsa offer 2 types of climbing:

  1. Roped Climbing - requires 2 people, 1 for climbing and 1 for belaying. Belaying is when you manage the rope in a way that protects the climber as they climb and lower back down.   In our facility it is required that belayers are at least 13 years of age, are proficient with tying the climber's knot and proper belay technique, and can pass a proficiency test demonstrating such knowledge.

  2. Bouldering - is climbing without ropes or harnesses as it is lower to the ground climbing and happens over a padded area. It can be great in ways of getting acquainted with the movement of climbing, it requires no previous experience or understanding of ropes!