Groups & Parties:

2 Hour Party - 10 Climbers        $200

Includes 2 instructors ($15 per climber to add additional climbers)


2 Hour Party - 15 Climbers        $275

 Includes 3 instructors ($15 per climber to add additional climbers)


2 Hour Room Rental         $50

Private room for food, refreshments, and celebrations. Fridge and freezer available for use with room rental.


***$100 deposit at time of booking***




What is included in a standard group/party booking? 

All participants will have the opportunity to climb on our auto-belays, bouldering, and top-ropes (belaying provided by staff) in the 2 hours of their group booking. To ensure that the group will be able to climb privately, the rocktopia room will be reserved for only your group's use. Staff will be present with the group to provide belaying and to help coach participants up the different types of climbs, so you all can focus on climbing to new heights!

What is included in the separate room rental?

This is a separate private room with chairs and tables available for your use. Due to the high traffic in our gym and the inability to have food and drinks in climbing areas, Climb Tulsa asks that any group who plans to have food, refreshments, and celebrations (ex: gift opening) include the room rental in their booking. With room rental booking your group will also have access to Climb Tulsa's fridge and freezer. Room rental does not extend the duration of the 2 hour booking.

What do participants need to bring?

Climb Tulsa will provide harnesses for all participants, though climbing shoe rentals are not currently included. Please ask all climbers to wear close toed shoes. Climb Tulsa does not provide any food or drinks, though you are welcome to bring any (excluding alcohol) into our gym with a room rental booking!

I've booked my group, what do I do next?

Climb Tulsa will send you a confirmation email once your booking is processed. WAIVERS must be completed for EVERYONE (climbers and observers) who will be in the gym. The link to fill out waivers can be found in your confirmation email, and the bookie can monitor submitted waivers through confirmation email portal. The remaining balance for your group booking will be paid the time of the group.

Question not answered?

Please call Climb Tulsa at 918.439.4400 or contact through email.