Join our family! 

Memberships are a great way to save money and gain benefits at Climb Tulsa.  If you are planning on climbing with any regularity, a membership is highly recommended.  We offer two types of memberships at Climb Tulsa, electronic funds transfer (EFT) and monthly prepaid. 

Membership benefits include:

  • Unlimited access to the gym during all open hours as well as members only hours.

  • First timer guest passes (bring a friend to the gym for their first time and they receive a free day pass) Unlimited Membership receives 6, Climbing Only membership receives 2 per member. 

  • 10% off gear purchases in the pro shop

  • 25% off gear rentals

  • 25% off private coaching

  • Free top rope safety course 

  • Access to member only events

EFT Memberships*

*EFT memberships have a one time $40 start up fee

Unlimited Climbing and Yoga Membership - $70 per month

Standard EFT Membership -  $55 per month

Student/Military EFT Membership  -  $47 per month

Family (2) Membership -  $89 per month ($55 for the first individual, $34 for spouse or dependent) 

Family (3) Membership -  $109 per month ($55 for the first individual, $34 for the spouse or first dependent, $20 for any additional dependent)

Prepaid Memberships

One Month Prepaid Individual-  $69

One Month Prepaid Student-  $59

One Month Prepaid Family (2)  -  $99

One Month Prepaid Family (3)  -  $125

One Month Prepaid Family (4)  -  $150

             $25 per month for each additional member.  All members must live in the same household