Outdoor Instruction

Climbing outside is one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer. At the same time, there is a vast world of knowledge and information when it comes to sound practices in the outdoor arena of climbing. This is why Climb Tulsa offers outdoor instruction, taking people to various parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas in disciplines of Top Roping, Leading, and Bouldering. Take advantage of our certified instructors to take you on a day’s adventure that will spark a love of climbing that will last a lifetime.


Outdoor Top Roping

Intro to Climbing

Climb Tulsa offers several outdoor climbing opportunities based around top rope climbing. Participants in the Intro to Climbing course will participate in a day of guided outdoor climbing with Climb Tulsa instructors. This is a great introduction to climbing and specifically to outdoor climbing for participants with little to no climbing experience.

  • No experience is required

  • Participants must be 8 years or older

Top Rope Belay

The Top Rope Belay course is designed as an alternative to Climb Tulsa’s indoor Top Rope Training Course. Participants are taught how to tie in using the Rewoven Figure 8 and how to belay in a top rope setting. The first hour of the day will be spent on instruction and the remainder of the day will be made available for participants to climb and practice their new skills with instructor supervision.

  • No experience is required

  • Participants must be 13 years old or older to receive any skills instruction

  • Participants must be 8 years or older to climb

Top Rope Skills

Climb Tulsa’s Top Rope Skills course is designed for experienced gym climbers who are looking to take their climbing outdoors. The class is a combination of climbing and technical skill instruction during which participants are instructed on methods of inspecting permanent anchors, building top rope anchors, and cleaning equipment. The goal of the class is for participants to get hands on experience working with top rope systems and to gain a basic knowledge of entry level outdoor climbing techniques.

  • All participants should be Top Rope certified with Climb Tulsa

  • Participants must be 14 years or older

Outdoor Leading

Outdoor Transition Course

The equivalent of Climb Tulsa’s Indoor Transition Course, participants will learn the basic skills necessary for outdoor sport climbing including bolt permanent hardware assessment, anchor building, quickdraw placement, belayer positioning, and fall hazards. After completing the class, participants will have a basic understanding of outdoor sport climbing techniques and equipment.

  • Participants should be lead belay certified with Climb Tulsa

  • Participants must 14 years or older

Outdoor Lead Course

The outdoor equivalent of Climb Tulsa’s Lead Course, participants will be instructed in the basics of lead clipping, lead belay, lead climbing, and the techniques and considerations specific to outdoor sport climbing. The Outdoor Lead Course acts as a combination of Climb Tulsa’s Indoor Lead and Indoor Transition courses.

  • Participants must be top rope certified at Climb Tulsa

  • Participants should be comfortable top roping multiple 5.9s back to back at Climb Tulsa

  • Participants must be 14 years or older

Anchor Building Course

The Anchor Building course revolves entirely around technical skills and involves no climbing. Participants will learn the differences between natural, passive, and active protection and how to use them. Participants will then learn and practice a variety of anchor building methods with Climb Tulsa’s instructors.

  • Any experience level

  • Participants must be 14 years or older

Outdoor Bouldering

Bouldering trips take participants to popular outdoor bouldering locations in the area. Participants can choose their destination and time slot. Throughout the day participants will learn proper spotting techniques and Leave-no-Trace practices for climbing areas. Instructors will work to find participants boulder problems that are challenging and within their skill level.

  • Customizable 6-hour time slot

  • Participants must be 8 years or older


*prices shown are for all outdoor course categories and classes*

Tulsa Location Pricing

2 Participants - $120/member $150/non-member

3-4 Participants - $108/member $135/non-member

5-6 Participants - $96/member $120/non-member

7-8 Participants - $80/member $100/non-member

9+ Participants - $72/member $90/non-member

Out of Town Pricing

2 Participants - $160/member $200/non-member

3-4 Participants - $144/member $180/non-member

5-6 Participants - $120/member $150/non-member

7-8 Participants - $96/member $120/non-member

9+ Participants - $80/member $100/non-member