Private Coaching

$49 per hour for Climb Tulsa members

$65 per hour for non-members

Important details

  • Learn about mental training, injury prevention, crack climbing, basic movement and technique

  • 25% off for Climb Tulsa Members

  • Prerequisites: Top rope proficient in our facility if wanting coaching on rope walls

Whether you are new to climbing or looking to take your skills to the next level, everyone would benefit from one on one time with a Climb Tulsa coach. 
Our coaches have a passion for helping their clients develop the techniques and stamina they need to reach their goals.

Meet our Instructors!

Matt Frederick

Matt Frederick

Matt Frederick’s love for climbing was born in October 2010. Coming from both an athletic and artistic background, climbing is an obvious fit. His understanding of movement, space and geometry give him an excellent eye for discovering the perfect way to move on the wall. He has been coaching for almost 4 years now and works well with anyone interested in improving climbing efficiency, strength and resilience. He has coached a range of students from beginners to advanced climbers competing internationally.


Rachel Nelson

Rachel Nelson

Rachel Nelson has been climbing for 7 years... almost 8. She has loved each aspect that climbing involves since she started. The problem solving, the frustration, the community, and of course the feeling of happiness and satisfaction after finishing a move or project. Rachel competed in USA Climbing for 2 years and then transitioned to coaching the Tulsa Climbing Team. Now private coaching, she enjoys working with anyone who has a passion for climbing and learning. Climbers will learn anything from the fundamentals of climbing to the specifics of training for climbing. Rachel works especially well with women and newer climbers but is willing and able to work with anyone who is interested!


Juan Carreno

Juan Carreno

Juan has been climbing for about 10 years in all areas of climbing: bouldering, trad climbing, and sport climbing. His emphasis of training focuses on building endurance, technique, mobility, strength, and has an in-depth knowledge on recovery and rehabilitation from climbing injuries. Juan uses up to date and certified information on how to train effectively and combines his 200 RYT Yoga training to improve on retaining healthy and functional movement of the body.  "Cross training is key to ensure that even on your off days or when you're injured can help retain strength and mobility that is similar and necessary for climbing," Juan believes. So whether your goal is to improve in your form, strength, or overall general climbing, Juan can help develop programs and exercises that can meet your needs whatever your climbing level or experience.