What to expect?

Here at Climb Tulsa, we cater to those who seek adventure, fun, and a healthy lifestyle through climbing. We strive to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, community, fitness, risk awareness and respect. 

Never done this before? No worries! We have several options for those looking to get started. 

Please be advised that because climbing is dangerous and involves inherent risks it cannot and is not considered to be safe. In climbing, we work to reduce these risks as much as possible, but risks will always be present in the sport of climbing.

Types of climbing available for newer climbers:

Top Rope - Climb Tulsa

On the taller walls..

Top Rope

  • This makes up the majority of our climbing walls. Top rope climbing is when a single rope runs through an anchor at the top of a wall and the two ends hang down. This is why rope climbing involves two people; a climber tied into one end of the rope and another person, called a belayer, manages slack in the rope from the ground on the other side. Top roping is great for beginners by taking our top rope training course which is offered every day.

  • NOTE: Climb Tulsa does not provide staff for belay services outside of scheduled group events, but instead offers the training course throughout the week. For those with children interested in climbing, many parents take the class in order to provide a belay for them.

  • Details about the Top Rope Training Course:

    • All belayers must be 13 years of age or older

    • Course duration between 45-60 minutes

    • Offered daily and starts at the top of the hour. First class is available an hour after we open and the last starts 3 hours before we close.

    • Call to reserve, 918-439-4400

Auto Belay - Climb Tulsa

Auto Belay

  • This is more available to walk-ins, though traffic bottle-necking is likely to occur during peak times, such as weekends.

  • None of our classes are necessary to use our auto belays

  • An auto belay is for single person use only. It uses a mechanism at the top of the wall that automatically takes slack for the climber as they ascend and lowers them when they fall or let go. We teach everyone how to properly use this in our mandatory facility orientation.

  • Rules of auto belays:

    • No children under 13 may use auto belay carabiners without assistance of a supervising adult

    • Share! DO NOT climb multiple times if someone is waiting

    • DO NOT climb more than 3-4 feet to the left or right of where the auto belay is stationed

    • DO NOT climb past, above or touch the auto belay

    • Staff may commandeer at any time for instructional purposes

Bouldering - Climb Tulsa

Shorter walls..


None of our classes are necessary to boulder

  • There are two bouldering areas located on the second floor of our facility.

    • Our main bouldering area is always open to the public during business hours.

    • The secondary bouldering area, while shorter and better for smaller children, can be reserved for kids programming and group events.

Bouldering is climbing on shorter walls over softer padded surfaces. Because of the shorter heights and padding, no harness or ropes are used for this type of climbing. This also allows for those wanting to climb on a walk-in basis a space to do so.

Feel free to call ahead and check the availability of this area if you are bringing young ones.


Q: Do I have to take a class to climb at Climb Tulsa?

A: Not necessarily. On a walk-in basis, an individual can boulder and/or use our auto belays in our main rope wall area. To just boulder and use our auto belays, an individual will need a day pass ($16) and a full gear rental ($8). If you want to top rope, you will need to take our Top Rope Training Course. While we have 5 auto belay lanes, we have about 40 top rope lanes. So, learning to top rope gives an individual access to a lot more climbing.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?

A: If you are just planning on getting a day pass, you do not need an appointment. If you are planning on taking a course, you will need to schedule that ahead of time.

Q: Do I need to schedule if I am bringing a group?

A: Yes, group information can be found here: https://climbtulsa.com/groups-and-parties