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Cornucopia Climbing Competition

JJ’s Burgers and Dawgs will have their food truck right outside from 11am to 6pm.
Mini Games are available for any competitor can take part.
If you register before midnight on October 27th the price is only $30! After that it goes up to $40. Registration gets you a free comp shirt, but only guaranteed in your size if you sign up early! Spectators can enter for $10

  • Ropes 1st hour, Bouldering 2nd hour : This option is for those wanting to rope climb for the 1st hour and boulder the 2nd hour. All competitors will have the remaining 2 hours to climb in either area. Please click through for additional information!

  • Bouldering 1st hour, Rope Climbing 2nd hour: This option is for those wanting to boulder for the 1st hour and rope climb the 2nd hour. All competitors will have the remaining 2 hours to climb in either area. Please click through for additional information!


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Kids Clubs

September through December we have programs for different age groups! Read details, see schedule, and Register online by clicking below on one of the below Clubs!


Intro to Climbing Package

For only $35 per person you can come climb and check it out! With this package you will receive the following:

  • Intro to Climbing Course: (45-60 minutes class)

  • 1 Day Pass: (Bouldering, Auto Belays, Top Roping)

  • Full Gear Rental: (Climbing shoes, Climbing Harness, Belay Device, Chalk Bag)

  • Intro to Climbing class is available by appointment on Saturday and Sunday at 11am and 4pm.

Gear & Equipment

Climb Tulsa has Tulsa's largest in stock selection of recreational climbing gear.  We are the proud retailers of some of the leading manufacturers of climbing gear in the world and we work hard to have a large supply.  From climbing shoes, harnesses, rope, and trad gear to quickdraws, chalk bags, and training boards we have it all at Climb Tulsa.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is an excellent way to improve balance, flexibility, breath control, and core strength.  This makes the practice not only beneficial to your overall well being, but may be the key to taking your climbing to the next level.  Climb Tulsa is proud to host some of the best instructors that Tulsa has to offer. 

Climbing Classes

At Climb Tulsa we are all about developing new skills as well as practicing the skills we have already learned.  That's where our classes and coaching come in.  We want to teach you everything you need to know to have fun and develop as a climber. We have classes for the absolute beginner all the way up though the experienced climber that still wants to step it up another notch. 

  • Beginner Top Rope Course

  • Lead Course

  • Transition to Outdoor Course

  • Movement Clinics 

Private Coaching

Whether you are new to climbing or looking to take your skills to the next level, everyone would benefit from one on one time with a Climb Tulsa coach.  Our coaches have a passion for helping their clients develop the techniques and stamina they need to reach their goals.

Groups and Parties

Our groups and parties include instructors will be present with the group to provide belaying and to help coach participants up the different types of climbs. Separate private room available with chairs and tables available for your use.  Climb Tulsa will provide harnesses for all participants!  


Climb Tulsa members

Did you know Climb Tulsa members climb all over the planet.  We are proud to say that right here from little old Tulsa we have men and women climbing some of the most challenging routes across the globe.  If you are interested to learn more be sure and attend our members only slide shows happening every few months to hear the climbing stories from the climbers themselves.



We love climbing and we love each other.


Friendly Faces

There is one thing above all that we strive for at Climb Tulsa and that is to be welcoming to our guests.  Safety, cleanliness, and phenomenal climbing areas are critical but the icing on the cake is the smiles we hand out daily.  Can't wait to meet you!


Do you Love Adventure?

Most Climb Tulsa Members find climbing to be the perfect excuse for road trips all over the world.  If you are in need of a hobby that brings more adventure in your life consider climbing.