Intro to Climbing Package  $35


  • Intro to Climbing Course

    • minimum age 7

    • Find details and schedule here

  • 1 Day Pass

  • Full Gear Rental

Day Pass  $16

  • Includes access to:
    Auto belays
    Top Roping (anyone belaying for another climber must be certified in our facility to do so)
    Fitness area (only for those ages 16 and up)
    DOES NOT include yoga

Yoga Drop In  $8

  • Must register online

Intro to Climbing Course $20

  • Teaches basic climbing movement, terminology, and risk management.

    • Minimum age 7

  • Class time: 1 hour

  • Click here for details and schedule

Top Rope Training Course $20

  • Teaches proper knot tying for the climber, belay rigging and belay technique

    • must be 13 or older to belay

  • Class time: 45-60 minutes

  • Class times run at the top of the hour starting an hour after we open and the last one starts 3 hours before close

  • Call to schedule 918-439-4400


Full Gear Rental $8

  • includes shoes, harness, belay device

Climbing Shoes $4

Climbing Harness $4

Belay Device $2

Chalk Bag $2