Tulsa Climbing Team

Climb Tulsa has a competitive climbing team for youth climbers who strive to work hard, improve their climbing abilities, have a healthy and positive competitive attitude, and perform at the highest level capable within themselves.

We train throughout the year and have focused practice within the 2 official climbing seasons from early fall to late spring, attending at least 3 competitions in each season. Practices are twice weekly along with the expectation to train and climb outside of practice times as well. Tryouts are hosted in August every year.

Competitions take us near and far to different climbing facilities from around Oklahoma to various parts of the US for those qualifying for upper level championships. We try and add outdoor climbing trips to competition travel when possible.

Details at a glance:

  • For ages 8-19, categories are Youth D, C, B, A and JR (youngest to oldest)

  • Practices are held every Tuesday and Thursday from September thru May

    • Youth D & C from 4pm-5:30pm

    • Youth B, A & JR from 5:30pm-7pm

    • Athletes are expected to train in AND outside of practice times and days

  • 2 climbing seasons

    • Bouldering is September thru December with championships in January & February

    • Sport & Speed is January thru May with championships in June & July

    • Those invited to join the team are expected to participate thru both seasons

  • Monthly climbing team dues are $145 monthly and include:

    • 2 practices weekly with experienced coaches

    • Free membership to Climb Tulsa

    • Monthly yoga classes specifically for the team

    • 25% off coach-recommended climbing gear from pro shop

    • 35% off coach-prescribed private coaching

    • One competition jersey/uniform per year

  • Required expenses not included:

    • USA Climbing Annual Competitor Membership, $95

    • Local Competitions (at least 2 per season) ~ $20-$60

    • Regionals (1 per season) ~ $95-$140

    • Divisionals, Nationals ~ $140-$200

    • Travel/Lodging costs

Limited scholarship funds are available. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and household income.

Tryouts are held every year in August.
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